Kelly  is one of those people born obsessed with horses. (Sound familiar?) From age 6, she was constantly begging parents, grandparents, Santa for a horse of her own. She took every chance she could to ride at camp, country cousins’, on vacation, pony rides, anything! Finally at age 11 she received riding lessons for Christmas. By that summer she had a job at the barn earning extra rides. (She was totally content doing ANYTHING at the barn all day, but riding was the highlight.) Shortly after she was involved with the local Pony Club.
She got her first horse at age 14. A 5 month old Arabian colt, Trey Ole. He was a grandson of the famous Cass Ole, star of the movie “The Black Stallion.”
Trey stayed with her his whole life as a great riding/show horse turned favorite lesson horse for countless children and adults. He retired at age 28!
Kelly stayed active in the horse world teaching, training dressage and hunters and taking lessons and attending clinics while raising and homeschooling her four child.
Now the kids are grown and Kelly’s dream of sharing her home with her beloved horses has come true after moving to beautiful Llano, TX with her husband Joe and mom Willie.

Call or text Director Kelly at 210-846-7777